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“In below talk, Dr. Jacqui Brassey will share with you how she got into a confidence crisis a couple of years ago, how it impacted her at work, and how the development of ‘emotional flexibility’ skills, an evidence based concept, helped her to get out of this crisis and move beyond. This experience has inspired her to focus her academic research on developing insights and practical solutions to advance Authentic Confidence in the workplace. She believes these essential skills should be integrated into every university- and leadership program that is serious about the world of tomorrow!”  (Thrive Global: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/advancing-authentic-confidence-through-emotional-flexibility-let-s-build-skills-not-stigmas/

Jacqui Brassey started to further develop her thinking in collaboration with Prof. dr. Nick van Dam and Prof. dr. Arjen van Witteloostuijn which led to the publication of this book. Along the way they collaborated with about 15 subject matter experts and interviewed 26 senior leaders across multiple sectors. The book received endorsements from leading experts in the field. Over the last couple of years they also have been developing and delivering many workshops for different audiences (private and public sector) across the globe.

“In this powerful book, the authors transform confidence from a feeling one must wait for, into a psychological skill that one can produce. Authentic confidence is a stance of awareness, openness, and trust in one’s purpose, values, and true capabilities. Instead of running from fear or insecurity, or hiding from one’s own weaknesses, it teaches the reader to face them head on with peaceful self-awareness and a commitment to growth. Filled with insights and tools to help you face challenging situations more effectively and mindfully, this book teaches the small set of skills that research shows account for the lion’s share of positive life trajectories in your career and beyond. Highly recommended” – Steven C. Hayes, Psychology Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. Originator and co-developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and one of the most cited scholars worldwide on acceptance, mindfulness & values

“This is a book about the Science, Art and Practice of Authentic Confidence. Brassey, Van Dam and Van Witteloostuijn carefully and cleverly build bridges between the fields of Neuroscience & Psychology and translate this into pragmatic, action-oriented insights enriched with true stories from senior leaders across multiple sectors” – Susan David, PhD, Psychologist Harvard Medical School, Author of Emotional Agility

Read more about the praise we received for Advancing Authentic Confidence, a complimentary foreword by Jan Zijderveld CEO Avon, Inc. and all contributors to this book via below link:

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